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Everything you need to know about Christmas socks

Everything you need to know about Christmas socks

Christmas stockings are colorful and very important to those of us who celebrate Christmas. They may not be as symbolic as mistletoe, but their importance is undeniable. Just ask yourself, "What would Christmas morning be without Christmas stockings?" Think about how the morning would start without them. Kids will wake up on Christmas morning with nothing to open before the main gift activity. You might wake up on Christmas morning to the sight of crazy kids climbing up the Christmas tree. Or a snowball fight with Christmas pudding. Exaggerated? Maybe. However, a Christmas morning without Christmas stockings can send the most important holiday of the year into a blustery panic.

Let's take a look at more information and ideas related to Christmas stockings for the home. For those of you who need new stockings, look no further. Maybe your Christmas stockings are giving way to entropy. Or they may be starting to stink like dirty stockings. Either way, we can brighten up your Christmas stocking collection with a variety of unique Christmas stockings to choose from. Check them out here. Don't forget to use the coupon code above for a little Christmas gift when you shop!

Where did Christmas socks come from?
The modern incarnation of the Christmas stocking dates back to the early 1800's in Europe. Although the tradition wasn't always so colorful. Christmas morning probably smells more like dirty socks than cinnamon rolls and gingerbread. This is because children use everyday stockings that are fastened to the wall or above the fireplace.

So how did the completely bizarre tradition of pinning dirty socks above the fireplace to stuff with candy begin? There is no official written record, so the origin is uncertain. As popular folklore has it, St. Nicholas threw gold through an open window as he flew by. Santa Claus was helping some of the less fortunate people who lived with him. Does this tell us much about the true origin? No, but it does tell us that St. Nick either became a great athlete or belonged to the Marvel Universe.

How did stockings become a Christmas tradition?
Like most other Christmas traditions, stockings were transplanted from Europe to North America around the middle of the 19th century. In North America, stockings were far less vibrant and flashy than they are today. Before the mass marketing of stockings in the 1960s, stockings were not uniformly sized. Most people needed help deciding on the right size for Christmas stockings. Some stockings didn't fit well enough, and some were too small. Then around 1950, Santa Claus started selling them on a large scale. Since then, the color red has become synonymous with everything Christmas, including stockings.

Today, stockings have evolved far beyond the color red. Most likely you don't even have red and white stockings. Usually, they are a set of sequins, a name spelled out in yarn, and a festive felt cutout. Aside from buying new Christmas stockings, your real concern for Christmas stockings may be how to decorate them. How to make them stand out. To stand out, they'll want to bring back the old habits of good ol' St. Nick. The habit of knocking back three-pointers through the window with a big chunk of gold!

If you're tired of decorating your stockings the same way, let's see some ideas to spruce them up!

Where to hang Christmas stockings?
The most obvious and common place to hang Christmas stockings is on the mantle. Most of us have become robots and never question whether there are other places to hang our stockings. This may be tantamount to questioning the meaning of life. Stockings on the headboard of a bed frame? But what does all this mean? Have we really thought about why we hang our stockings above the fireplace?

As mentioned above, there are many answers in the dustbin of holiday history. Have we ever questioned whether it still makes sense to carry on this tradition? Is there anything left in the socks you hang over the fireplace to dry? Do you even dry your socks over an open fire? If you don't practice these Victorian household hacks, then perhaps you could try some new ways of hanging your socks. Besides, you probably live in an apartment without a fireplace, like many of us do.

6 Christmas Stocking Hanging Ideas
Try a branch - This may cause a few bumps on first hearing. However, branches can change the overall feel of any living room. All you need is a wire, hammer, nails and any branches around your house.
From a bookshelf - This is very easy because most of us have bookshelves in our homes. This is a perfect idea if you want to stuff your stockings with books.
Coat rack - these are already used to hang things. It is easy and stylish.
On a ladder - If you happen to have a ladder around the house, this is a great idea. Place the ladder next to a tree and hang stockings on each crossbar for a rustic look!
In the window - Depending on your window, there are a few different ways to do this. Hang the stocking on top of the window frame or window lock. Either way, it's functional and looks great from the inside out!
Hang them on a part of the bed - this can be done from any part of the bed post or frame. For those who wake up next to a full pair of stockings, this will be a great surprise!

Where can I buy Christmas stockings?
Custom Christmas stockings sound like fun, don't they? However, not all of us have time to entertain. burlaplife has you covered! Christmas is almost here and you've got all your Christmas gifts ready. You've even decided to distribute the stuffing to each stocking. You're excited and want to get ready for the big day. Uh-oh! It looks like your stuffing is a little too crazy, with more stuffing than stockings.

Your mind is filled with questions related to "Where can I buy Christmas stockings?" related questions. One option is to get in your car and make a quick trip to Target or Walmart. This may not be possible, to say the least. Time is of the essence, time is of the essence! On top of the daily chores, you have all the extra holiday-related errands to take care of. As with many of our modern day problems, just look to the Internet for solutions! At burlaplife, our website offers a wide selection of Christmas stocking stuffers in particular. Check them out below.


  • 🎄🎄Personalized Embroidery: Classic velvet quilted lining stockings with embroidered personalized names, 4 kinds of fonts, and 6 kinds of font colors can be chosen.

  • 🎅🎅High-Quality Material: Pure hand-sewn with quality velvet material. Comfortable, brightly colored, and durable, add a soft, warm, and plush touch to the holiday season.

  • 🧦🧦Lovely size: Length: 20", width: 11", giving enough space to hold the whole family’s gifts, candies, chocolates, small toys, and other yuletide treats.

  • ⛄⛄Unique Design: The blue velvet is spliced with small white fur, and the flanging echoes the splicing below. The white fur part is like snow, like the scene from a fairy tale.

  • 💕💕Wide Application: These Christmas stockings are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree, wall, door, and fireplace. Also as an adorable gift for family or friends at the Christmas party.

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The best Christmas gift ideas for 2022 are guaranteed to get you on the Goodwill list

The best Christmas gift ideas for 2022 are guaranteed to get you on the Goodwill list

If you're planning all your Christmas shopping, then you've come to the right place. Thanks to online ordering, getting festive Christmas gifts is easier than ever. Whether you're shopping for mom, dad, bestie, boss or boo, these mouth-watering Christmas gift ideas can make anyone's holiday special. From the latest technology to hot new toy trends, we've found a variety of top gifts that they'll be happy to find under the tree.

And the best part: you don't have to spend a fortune to get the ultimate gift. Most of these awesome finds fall into the under $50 category, so you can get your gift away without breaking your budget. Use the money you save to pamper yourself with something special, or choose to donate it to a noble cause. After all, it's the season of giving.

While it's nice to know that 2-day shipping exists, potential pandemic-related shipping delays are still common, so we recommend that you start shopping for gifts early. You don't want to make this your only gift-giving strategy, or - gasp! - Pay extra for last-minute express shipping.

We've done the hard work for you and have selected the best Christmas gifts for you in 2021. So relax, watch all your favorite holiday movies, and enjoy Christmas knowing that everyone on your list is taken care of.

1.Personalized Christmas Stocking Silhouette Red Plaid Rustic Farmhouse white Country Cotton -HHJY
Size: 17 inches x 11 inches, opening: 7 inches. This stocking is a nice large size, with plenty of room for gifts and candy.

Material: This rustic and beautiful Christmas stocking is made of high quality cotton and quilted fabric that is soft and comfortable to the touch.

Application: Each stocking has a sturdy hanging loop. Christmas stockings can be hung on the Christmas tree, fireplace or anywhere in the house where there is a loop. The large enough size does not limit Santa's generosity.
And these stockings can be customized to create a unique gift for the person you wish to bless.

military christmas stocking
HIGH QUALITY AND STRONG: This children's kite is made of strong and durable ripstop polyester fabric that won't tear or rip easily. The durable fabric body will last for years. Packed in a stowable gift bag for easy carrying and storage. Easy to assemble: Easy to assemble, easy to launch and long flight time for children and adults. Through the simple and clear instructions, children can quickly assemble the interesting kite. The kite belongs to the children, if you want to bless the children, this gift is very good.

If outdoor fun for the whole family is your kind of thing, get the season started with JEKOSEN kites. Get moving and flying with our wide variety of colorful and inventive kites. Perfect for a family day out!

If the imperceptible effect and indivisible base is your first choice when choosing a hair piece, then this NG wig will meet all requirements.
The system is made of ultra-thin, transparent 0.03-0.04 mm skin and is the most natural wig available from GWXWIGS.
The thin skin makes you feel comfortable and you will make the wearer forget that he is wearing a wig.
GEXWIGS uses the V-ring ventilation method for knotless bases.
The hair looks as if it is growing out of your own scalp.
Wig size 8 "x10", they are large enough to meet almost any size needed.
This is a great gift if the person you want to bless is an adult male and there is a need for this convenience. But this gift is also slightly overpriced, worth $169.99

💧 【WATERPROF&DRY】 The outer layer of the glove is made of waterproof material and a waterproof zipper. The middle layer adds waterproof TPU material, so you can enjoy playing in the snow and still ensure that your hands are warm and dry.
🔥 【WARM&WINDPROOF】3M thinsulate material and three layers of thermal material resist the cold wind and air while maintaining lightness and breathability, for a comfortable skiing experience.
📱 【TOUCHSCREEN】With a full-finger touch screen design, you can use your smartphone without ever taking off your gloves. Feel free to browse social media or call a friend, even in cold weather.
😄 【HUMANIZED DESIGN】①Waterproof zipper pockets can hold cards, keys, and cash, Skiing on the mountain without bring a backpack. ②Wrist and sleeve adjustable elastic design for easily adjustment in cold weather, ensuring the palms always stay warm. ③Anti-loss string design: when taking off the gloves, they can hang directly from the wrist, keeping them from being easily lost. Easy hanging and drying. ④Include reflective material on the surface to ensure the safety when you skiing at night.
⛷️ 【MULTI-ACTIVITY APPLICATION】No matter if you are Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or at work, these gloves will keep your hands warm and dry. Not only a good pair of ski gloves but also a good gift for family and friends.

These ski gloves are very economical and if the person you are blessing likes to ski or travel in winter, then this is really a great gift.

💧 Waterproof & Dry : The outer layer of the glove is made of waterproof material . The middle layer adds waterproof TPU material, so kids can enjoy playing in the snow and still ensure that his/her hands are warm and dry.
🔥 Warm & Windproof: 3M thinsulate material and three layers of thermal material resist the cold wind and air while maintaining lightness and breathability, for a comfortable skiing experience.
👍 Humanized Design: Wrist and sleeve adjustable elastic design for easily adjustment in cold weather, ensuring the palms always stay warm.
⛄Multi-activity application: No matter if kids are Skiing, snowboarding, or play with snow, these gloves will keep them hands warm and dry. Not only a good pair of ski gloves but also a good gift for kids.
😄 Anti-loss String Design For Kids: : when taking off the gloves, they can hang directly from the wrist, keeping them from being easily lost. Easy hanging and drying.
If the person you want to bless is a child who likes to ski, or a child who prefers to play outside, then this one is a very affordable gift.

6.Personalized Christmas Stockings Applique Snowflake Plaid for Home Decorations Holiday Gift -XHPJ

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa and his friends are busy preparing gifts for everyone.

Meanwhile, the designers of burlaplife took an innovative approach. Unlike the previous plain stocking cuffs, we used snowflake fabric for the stocking cuffs, and set it off with red fabric and felt appliqués, hoping to highlight the Christmas atmosphere.

And many cute cartoon Christmas elements were added - Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas tree, penguin, polar bear, gingerbread man.

Christmas socks with customized last names are perfect as gifts for family and friends to create special love for life.

If you don't know what the person you're blessing likes, this gift is a really good choice, and it's hard for anyone not to like the novelty of the design of the socks.


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